Why Direct Mail Marketing Is Still Relevant

In this age of internet advertising, email promotions and instant worldwide connectivity, it’s easy to forget that once upon a time, people actually used to communicate only by means of direct mail.

The internet has become exceedingly prevalent in today’s world, and as a result, many growing businesses completely overlook the fact that direct mail marketing still maintains a relevant and worthwhile position on the leader-board of advertising activities.

The fact that so many companies and organizations neglect this ever-important piece of the marketing pie is actually of great benefit to those savvy business owners who still see the significant value of direct mailing strategies; this means less competition for you, if you’re in the know.

Direct Mail Marketing Has a Lasting Place in Advertisement

We’re here to remind you why direct mail marketing is so beneficial, even in an era of internet. Here are just a few of the reasons to utilize direct mail as a powerful tool for your business benefit:

Personable – Direct mail advertising presents a message that prospects can see and hold in their real-life hands; not an abstract concept arranged in electronic pixel form. It’s a simple fact that people just like to get mail. When they can both see and touch your promotional materials, the impression made is undeniably more substantial. Additionally, if someone is interested in your promotional flier but needs more time to look at it later, it is easy for him or her to set it down or post it on the refrigerator for convenient later reading.

Attention-Grabbing – Consider the various other methods of advertising and promotion available: website, email, television and radio, for instance. The moment a device is switched off, your advertisement is over, and often forgotten. Even billboards and posters stay in front of consumers for only as long as a person has eyes on them; once someone walks away, the subject of your promotion becomes vague and intangible to the mind of the viewer. With direct mail marketing, your advertisements remain in a prospect’s home or office setting, where not only the intended recipient, but also any visitors, will continue to see them.

Reliable – Websites can experience network difficulties and downages, emails can be lost in spam or not received at all; even as technology continues to advance by leaps and bounds, there’s still no 100% guarantee of unlimited, uninterrupted service. Of course, this refers to those who actually check email and read websites; believe it or not, there are still many consumers out there with perfectly good money to spend, who simply don’t care to engage in online activities of any sort. Direct mail, on the other hand, reaches the recipient once, and then remains indefinitely, with no downages, (and prospects don’t have to worry about getting internet viruses or being exposed to spam or hackers.)

Flexibility – whether you’re advertising a product/service, building customer relationships, or offering a special promotion, direct mail marketing makes it easy to customize by means of postcards, letters, brochures or catalogues – whatever most engages your potential customers. While email and websites can be customized as well, they’re still just an email or a website on a screen. Direct mail gives you more freedom to step outside the box of pixels, in all shapes and sizes.

The Missing Link – No properly integrated promotional campaign should fail to include direct mail marketing as part of an overall winning strategy. When used in conjunction with powerful graphics and content, web advertising, social media, and even TV and radio, it has been proven that direct mail will exponentially increase your return on investment, with substantial gains. It’s hardly worth your best marketing efforts to leave out such a critical component to your overall strategy.

The Direct Mail Advertising Experts

At PearTree Design, we combine powerful marketing materials with remarkable strategies to put YOUR business in front of potential customers with direct mail marketing that grabs attention and converts prospects to customers.

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