Which Marketing Firm Makes Sense for Your Business?

If you’re in business, it can only be expected that you have high hopes for growth, profits and an ultimately thriving operation. And if you’ve done your homework, your business plan will include the marketing of your products or services, whether it be via printed materials, direct mail, web-based exposure, or any combination of these.

Assuming your business itself is not a marketing firm, you’ll likely have need to outsource your marketing to an external marketing firm, so your own time can be spent focusing on building and operating your own business. But handing over this all-important task to an outside company can sometimes be an intimidating proposition; after all, you have poured all your time and resources into building a solid, successful business, and the marketing firm you hire will need to put YOUR best foot forward, in the most memorable and compelling ways.

Hiring the Best Marketing Firm for the Job

While checking references and reviewing the portfolio of any marketing firm can provide a general idea of the type of service and materials they can offer you, there are some additional considerations which are very important to your decision-making process.

Here are 3 important questions to ask any marketing firm you may be considering, in order to help determine whether they’re the best candidate for your business:

Q: What areas of expertise does your marketing firm possess?

A. Internet-based or direct mail capabilities, for instance, are each beneficial marketing components in and of themselves. And in general, today’s consumer understands that “one-stop shopping” isn’t always the best means of utilizing specific individual areas of expertise. But when it comes to your marketing firm, ‘the more the merrier’ applies, in order to pull together all individual components for a multi-faceted and cohesive marketing strategy. Your most favorable marketing firm will have experts in several individual areas, such as printed graphics, online marketing, and so on.

Q. How much experience does your marketing firm have?

A. Note the word experience rather than training. Education and certifications will be a strong indicator of a marketing firm’s commitment and professionalism, so definitely inquire about training background. However, don’t leave it at that; in order to properly gage how well a marketing firm can perform for your business, consider whether they’ve ‘been around the block’ and understand real-world application of services, in addition to those learned from a textbook.

Q. How long has your marketing firm been in business?

A. A firm’s longevity can be a good indicator of reliability level; a business doesn’t generally stay afloat very long if they’re not providing the best service and products to their customers. While a short time in the marketing business doesn’t necessarily mean a firm can’t be the best option for your needs, choosing a marketing firm with a long period of time invested in their business will ensure up front that you won’t fall prey to fly-by-night operations.

This is just a short list to get you started if you’re in the market for marketing services. We’ll return to address this topic again in the near future, so stay tuned if you’re still in the kicking-the-tires phase of considering a marketing firm for your business needs.

The Right Marketing Firm for Your Business

At PearTree Design, we combine powerful marketing materials with remarkable strategies to put YOUR business in front of potential customers with utmost impact and memorability. Our impressive marketing expertise is readily apparent from the first moment you interact with our team of professionals, to the increased revenue you enjoy as a result of our marketing efforts.

If you haven’t yet considered or hired a marketing firm for your business, we invite you to give us the opportunity to show you what we do so well. Our many satisfied clients can attest to the professionalism, creativity and proficiency with which we implement your compelling marketing campaigns.

If you’d like to know more about what our marketing firm can do for your business, or you want to get an idea of pricing for our services, just click here to tell us what you’re looking for, and we’ll email you a custom quote within 24 hours.


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