Stellar Building Technologies

Originally named “Huntington Controls”, the business grew to be premier provider of complete building technologies. With that transformation, the business was renamed “Stellar Building Technologies” to more accurately reflect the evolved services.

Now the hard part: choosing a graphic design firm that could accurately reflect their new image and create all design assets, in-house.

President Paul Milano described the process as “challenging”: “Looking for a design firm that truly knows how to create a logo that is timeless, memorable yet clean and dynamic is no easy task. We looked at dozens of companies and portfolios.”

Mr. Milano recalls few examples of memorable logo design firms; especially from online sources.

“We more or less just stayed away from those — they were gimmicky, clip-art style graphics. We were much more encouraged when we searched for actual graphic design firms. PearTree Design instantly made our shortlist. Their logo portfolio has a ton of really sharp, well-thought-out designs”.

After tireless design work, sketches and comps, below is the resutling brand design.

stellar building technologies logo design


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