Discover Vedas

Discover Vedas-Bag-Package Design

Discover Vedas offers online shopping of unique, hand-crafted gifts with same-day local delivery to the Greater Boston area. Their brand needed to reflect the unique, whimsical, yet high-end characteristic of their gifts, along with quick delivery. The e-commerce website needed to be engaging, glamorous, feature-rich, yet easy to use. The imagery had to entice and excite.  Applying all of our skill sets — graphic design, package design, brand creation, photography, website design and development, our team created an entire brand from the ground up.


Logo Design
Brand Design
Package Design
Responsive Website Design
Custom Photo-design and illustration
Corporate I.D.
Print and Digital Advertising

E-commerece website design
Box design for Discover Vedas
Custom web banner
Business card design for Discover Vedas
Tag Design
Tag design
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