Graphic Design Firm versus Freelancer: Know the Difference.

A common challenge for businesses in deciding how to best achieve their creative goals is the battle between quality and cost.

Freelance designers typically have less overhead than graphic design firms, so they can usually charge less for a project. However, in many cases, freelancers cannot provide the necessary services or solutions businesses require.

That’s because freelancers often work in a vacuum and they often lack the resources of professional design firms. As a consequence, the client’s creative is left to the will of the freelancer’s individual creative style, technical capabilities, and resources. Literally, dozens of designs and perspectives can be left on the table when you choose to work with one designer.

At Peartree Design, we love freelancers — their work can be awe-inspiring — especially seasoned pros. Yet, at the same time, a team of professional graphic artists will almost always produce a broader, more well-rounded scope of designs. Our view is simple — when it comes to creativity; two brains are better than one. Or three or four, or five even.

And that’s one of the primary differences between a graphic design firm like PearTree Design and a freelance graphic artist. We’ve assembled a team of qualified, professional designers; all possessing bachelor’s degree (or master’s) within the field of visual communications. After all, Boston MA is among the most competitive graphic design markets in the country; attracting the best talent requires a track record of producing successful campaigns.

In that sense, the value our clients get in our know-how alone is far beyond what could be achieved by a freelance designer.

PearTree Design has been in business for over 25 years, and we have survived (and thrived) through good times and bad times by becoming an invaluable resource for our clients for all things design and marketing related.


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