Graphic Design Firm versus Freelancer: Know the Difference.

A common pitfall of emerging brands is the early tug-of-war between quality and cost.

This article intends to help understand the value differences between hiring a freelancer versus a full-service design firm.

Freelance designers have less overhead than design firms, so they can usually charge less for a project. However, in many cases, clients of freelancers find out they’re not getting a very good value, afterall.

That’s because freelancers usually work in a vaccum — they lack the industry resources or a team of professional designers with whom they can collobarate. As a consequence, client’s generally get just one perspective for their logo design, brochure, or website design, often without much consideration into the actual brand.

You’re brand is left to the will of the freelancer’s individual creative style and technical capabities. Literally, hundreds of designs and perspectives are left on the table when you choose to work with one designer, versus a team.

At Peartree, we love freelancers, but we prefer to keep the creative process in-house, among our carefully selected team of professional graphic artists. Our view is simple — where there is graphic design needed, more is better. PearTree Design provides oversight, a team of professional designers and a wide array of design options.

And that’s one of the primary differences between a graphic design firm like PearTree Design and a freelance graphic artist. We’ve taking the time to assemble a team of qualified, professional designers; all possessing bachelor’s degree (or master’s) within the field of visual communications. Afterall, Boston, Massachusetts is among the most competitive graphic design markets; attracting and retaining clients lies almost entirely in the firm’s design team and track-record.

In that sense, our clients get far more than they pay for because our team delivers added value every day, in the form of options and collaborations that could simply not be achieved in a freelance designer. Our open-studio, collaborative environment was designed specifically for this objective.

PearTree Design has been around for over 20 years, and we have survived (and thrived) through good times and bad times. We’ve learned how to structure our workflow, with an emphasis on quality. Unlike many freelancers who spend time waving at deadlines as they pass by, we pride ourselves on meeting or beating deadlines with a level of quality comparable to a national agency, but with more ‘reasonable’ prices.


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