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Choosing a graphic design firm to create your brand’s image is one of the most important decisions you will make for your business. Finding a graphic design firm that not only has the experience and portfolio, but equally important, gels with you and your team is critical to accomplishing the goals of your vision.

Some of the questions that your team may face are anticipated here.

What is Graphic Design?

Good contemporary graphic design lives daily in our lives, sometimes in subtle ways, like the billboard you drive by advertising your favorite coffee. Most people aren’t thinking “I wonder what font they used”, but, that’s exactly what a graphic artist toils over when creating that billboard.
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The Impact of Traditional Graphic Design and Computer Aided Design

While many artists like to wax philosophic about graphic design styles that have evolved throughout history — such as Victorian, Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Late Modern, Postmodern and others — they apply primarily to gallery and patron-driven art.

In the retail world, the primary styles in play are traditional graphic design and digital graphic design (also known as Computer Aided Design). This distinction… Read More >

What are The Different Types of Graphic Design?

Artists will talk about the difference between contemporary graphic design and modern graphic design, with an emphasis on some of the art movements sparked by commercial design. They’ll point out how the Art Deco movement started with… Read More >

What are the Benefits of Creative Graphic Design?

Today’s digital graphic design also makes use of a wider variety of tools than ever before, making it easier than ever for an artist to create pretty much whatever anyone can imagine. With the advent of photoshop design, font tools, 3D vectoring and more, we can find graphic arts solutions faster… Read More >

Why Do I Need Custom Graphic Design?

For our clients, working with a graphic designer means taking part in our process, asking questions, answering questions and telling us about the elements of your business that inspire you. We bet that if something inspires you to get up in the morning and go to work, there’s a spark in there that could serve to get… Read More >

Should I hire a Graphic Design firm or a Freelance Graphic Designer?

Know the benefits and pitfalls between a graphic design firm and a freelance designer. At Peartree Design, our best and longest-lasting clients are the ones who do their homework, ask questions, and compare options to make an informed choice… Read More >

What are The Pros and Cons of a Graphic Design Firm and a Freelancer?

The most common pitfall of most small businesses and burgeoning brands is the constant tug-of-war between quality and cost. Freelancers have less overhead than agencies so they can charge much less, but in many cases, those clients find out that they only got what they paid for. Freelancers don’t… Read More >

What is the Cost of Graphic Design?

While it may not take very long for a professional designer to create an impressive array of unique logo designs, it likely took 20 years or more to finesse the creative skills that allow them to think differently. It’s part of the reason why graphic design rates fluctuate wildly. That can make it difficult for companies to make informed… Read More >

What to Expect When Working With a Graphic Designer

Our culture is integral to how we work with our clients, and it represents the highest level of value we have to offer.

For starters, our designers are the best-educated artists you’re going to find in town. They all have earned Bachelor’s Degrees in either Digital Design or Visual Design — and some have both. They also have knowledge of “old school” and “modern” tools of design. After all, computers aren’t replacements for a good designer but… Read More >


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