The Different Types of Graphic Design

This is a question which has a variety of different answers, depending on who’s doing the talking. Artists will talk about the difference between contemporary graphic design and modern graphic [...]

The Psychology of Colors in Marketing

A great deal of discussion has been made with regard to colors and color schemes, with regard to their strategic application as influential energies within marketing and advertising branding. To [...]

A Marketing Plan to Ensure Success

Every good marketing strategy starts with a marketing plan. These can be anywhere from extensive (and expensive) to simple; the latter of which often proves to be the most powerful, surprisingly [...]

What Color is YOUR Brand?

The psychology of color is likely a concept you’ve heard about before; how certain colors can evoke specific moods, invite desired actions and create particular energies in the viewer. Color [...]

5 Logo Design Mistakes to Avoid

There’s an endless variety of unique logo design possibilities to choose from when selecting the right company logo for your business; and an equally abundant pool of missteps to be made in the [...]

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