Business Benefit of Creative Graphic Design

Art and commerce are not irreconcilable. They are inextricably intertwined.”
— Screenwriter and director Nicholas Meyer, Writer of Houdini, Time After Time, Star Trek II, IV and VI

Simply put, art is the way consumers connect to brands.

Prior to experiencing a businesses’ product or service there must first be an initial awareness of that business. Those first experiences almost always happen via some kind of artwork — an advertisement, website, billboard, catalog, etc.

The best website designers use multiple techniques to attract and hold a consumer’s attention. The world’s top brands make it nearly impossible to separate the brand design from their product.

Graphic Design propels businesses to stardom

McDonald’s has its golden arches, Rolex has its crown, NBC has its peacock and Apple has its, um, apple — if these companies failed on their products, the branding wouldn’t matter of course. But when a product succeeds, the brand stays in the consumer’s memory with the visual design. And that design matters.

For example, have you ever said something like, “let’s go to that place where we got the delicious wings — I can’t remember the name.” There’s a place that likely did not have a compelling brand, which makes it difficult to ‘spread the word”. A logo design that is clever, striking and unique is far more memorable than the name alone. I mean, how plain is “apple”?

Graphic Design and it’s influence on consumers

Understanding how graphic design influences the way consumers behave is important in the field of marketing,” wrote Nicole Thomas from Ohio State University’s Medical Center, in her recent whitepaper Influence of Design on Consumer Behavior. “Consumers live in a world filled with clutter and noise, and in order to create effective advertisements it is imperative to learn and practice efficient design that is capable of capturing attention in a way that will also be easy to comprehend. Every day, brands reveal their graphic design to us in ways intended to make us want to extend our time, wallets and loyalty to them. 

 Creative Graphic Design firms Work

Using a creative firm to build a brand is one of the most beneficial investments a business can make. Freelance designers can provide great results but lack the breadth and collaboarative efforts you get from a graphic design firm. With cheap alternatives such as Fiverr®  there’s a huge risk your brand will come from clip art. Ultimately when it’s time to find a graphic design firm, nothing can replace talented professional who understand the value of unique, clever, and scalable designs — that’s the Peartree team.

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