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Professional Brochure Design

Our creative professionals collaborate with our clients to develop proprietary content for corporate brochures, product brochures, service brochures and more. We combine custom-made graphics, copywriting, and imagery with unique layout, folding and print solutions, for a one-of-a-kind brochure branded for your company.

Leave the competition — and prosaic, cliche brochures — behind; step up your service brochure game with PearTree Design.

Our custom brochure design service includes:

  • Content & Brand Strategy
  • Multiple Creative Solutions
  • Photography & Copy Writing
  • Graphics & Imagery
  • Revisions & Proofs
  • Print Management and Fulfillment

Corporate Brochure Design

With nearly 25 years experience creating brochures, we’ve got a wealth of talent, know-how and saavy that you simply won’t find for just a ‘fiverr’. As a result, we create corporate brochure designs that captivate your audience and reflect your businesses’ identity accurately. Speak with one of our professional designers today about what makes your business unique, and let us create a brochure as equally exceptional.

Image of brochure cover design and interior brochure page design for sailing company in Boston Area

Products Brochure Design

There’s a distinction between a product catalog and a product brochure. Catalogs traditionally showcase many products — be it apparel, tech-gear, luggage, etc.  Whereas a product brochure design typically highlights the characteristics, features and benefits of a specific product — or related products.

Our design team has worked with leaders such Pratt & Whitney, Ameriprise, Bascom & Turner, and MSIC to create brochures that reflect the high standards of their brand.

Explore More Information on Catalog Design.

Filtech Catalog After

Informational Brochure Design

When you have a lot to say let our firm help find the right words and graphics. Our firm specializes in creating engaging, ‘digestible’ page designs that convey your message quickly and accurately. For instance, we create custom info-graphics, imagery, callouts and other graphic elements to design intelligent pages that are well-balanced and absorbing.

deerwalk quickstart guide bi-fold brochure design

Services Brochure Design

When you need your services brochure to get noticed — rather than end up in a wastebasket — call the professionals at PearTree Design. We create meaningful and inspired service brochure design content that engages your audience.

Handing customers a lackluster brochure and hoping they’ll read it is like leaving your car outside and hoping the rain will clean it. Deep down you know it won’t work, but you try it anway. Ultimately, you need a car wash and a great brochure design. Check out this article:

Brochure Design: 3 Ways Quality Beats Budget

Professional Service Brochure Design

Specialty Brochure Design

Specialty brochures, like this “scratch off” game design for Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond can create an indelible impression through unique design, folding and finishing.

Both the form and functionality of specialty brochures play a big role in the user experience —  from die-cut and pop-up panels to oragami designs that turn and fold in infinite ways, as seen in these samples.

federal reserve bank of richmond custom bi-fold brochure

Don’t outspend your competition, just out think them. Contact us now to discuss your next project.

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