Brochure Design – 3 ways high quality trumps low fees

Let me start by stating, the title of this article may be somewhat misleading: choosing a high-quality design firm does NOT mean having to sacrifice budget. In fact, invariably, quality equates to a reasonable budget — once the intangible savings of time, reputation and customer-retention are factored in.

But the opposite is rarely true; if you choose a brochure design firm based on budget alone, you not only risk sacrificing quality and service, but you may very well end up shelling out more of your budget. 

Benefits of Outstanding Brochure Design

Your company brochure design is a direct reflection of your business. This basic, yet all-important statement is critical. Your brochure should reflect your businesses’ image accuratelyportray its level of expertise instantly, and most importantly, compel readers to venture further – all within the first glance.

Not surprisingly, if your brochure design is shoddy, prosaic, or out of sync with your business (or your audience ), this won’t happen. In fact, it very well could do more harm than good. You’ve made the decision that a brochure is necessary, so why would you spend even a dime of your budget for an average — or worse, bad — design that could leave your audience disaffected, or even negatively affected?

Here are 3 critical factors to consider when hiring a brochure design firm:

  1. Quality-First. Have you ever picked up a brochure that looks as if it were created in Word by the company’s sales rep? The company in question may be great at what they do, and ultimately a great fit for your needs, but you’ll never find out because the brochure makes them look like amateurs. A company’s first impression is often its branded materials (be it print or digital) – don’t allow your business to be misrepresented by a poor introduction.
  2.  Originality. Do you want a brochure that will SPOTLIGHT your business, or one that merely joins the ranks among generic design, formulaic graphics and stock images? Today’s consumers have “been around the block”; they’re increasingly aware of the same-old clip-art, graphics and images. Make sure your brand demands attention through imaginative design, unique folding, unusual paper and finishes. Create something specific to your business, and you can be certain your audience will respond.
  3. Results. A ‘pretty’ brochure design with intricate graphics and colorful accents can certainly be effective, but does it resonate with your audience? Is the content “digestible”, or, is it bogged down by so many images, fonts, and graphics that it only serves to confuse the viewer? Your brochure is not a sales person; it is an instantaneous, oft-fleeting, opportunity to make a first impression. Brochure design must be compelling, but be mindful, it must also be digestible and easy to read.

So how do these factors apply to making a decision on a design firm?

It’s simple math: low budget = ineffective design = lost customers and potential profits. And once you’ve figured this out, you’ll probably spend even more of your budget re-creating a new brochure. Hiring a quality brochure design firm from the start will ensure a less expensive and more rewarding outcome. As the adage goes; the impact of your brochure will be felt far beyond its price.

The Best Brochure Design Firm for Quality AND Budget

If your business is in need of a provocative, readable, branded brochure design, (or your current brochure is simply outdated), the design team at PearTree Design can help. Whether you’re ready to make a decision today or you’re just researching, why not take the first step and request a no-obligation consult for your project?  When you’re ready to see your brochure design through, our team will provide exceptional design and results.


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