5 Tips for a Better Company Brochure Design

Yet another all-important component of your marketing strategy is a distinctly compelling company brochure design; one that effectively catches the eye and grabs the interest of potential customers.

With so much advertising copy, graphics, catchy slogans and other marketing ‘hooks’ out there in plain sight, it is not enough for your company brochure design to simply represent your business, product or service; it must instead thrust your brand into the spotlight, immediately front and center before the eyes of your target market.

Furthermore, your company brochure design must make the right impression; if you grab attention for all the wrong reason, (essentially turning off those potential customers you’re trying to reach), then your efforts are all for naught, and will only be detrimental to your brand.

A Remarkable Company Brochure Design to Please the Eye

We already know that quality, originality and an appropriately-focused company brochure design are the foundational components of any effective marketing campaign strategy.

Now, let’s hone in on more closely on the finer points; those seemingly small, unobtrusive details that don’t necessarily stand out by themselves, but mean so much to the bigger picture, (and to the success or failure of your company brochure design):

Fonts – Certainly any font you choose for your company brochure design must be in sync with your type of company. An attorney’s office wouldn’t use comic sans, for instance, any more than a pre-school would use cursive writing throughout. Choose appropriate fonts for your company look and feel, and limited to no more than 2 different type fonts, to avoid a confusing, messy overall impression.

Less is more – once you’ve drafted what content you will use for your company brochure, review your content and remove anything that is either redundant, or doesn’t specifically add new and valuable information to your message. Allow as much white space as possible, as this enables the reader’s eye to “take a break” from text and graphics, and make your other brochure elements stand out even more.

Readability – while a brochure is designed to inject more information than a simple logo or slogan, this doesn’t mean that viewers will want to squint or scratch their heads trying to read it. Fonts should be easily legible, and an appropriate size that readers can instantly absorb the message, rather than fighting their way through trying to make out words.

Colors – just as a web site, logo or any other branding materials rely on the impression made by certain color schemes, the same applies to your logo. Don’t go with soft pastels for a flamboyant or edgy business offering, nor use harsh, radiant colors for a company trying to instill a peaceful, pleasant vibe.

Print and background – Don’t allow a background image to interfere with the text in your message, no matter how pleasing the image may be. While it’s tempting to create artsy, elaborate backgrounds and motifs, remember that there are tried-and-true fundamentals of company brochure design that have held up over the years with good reason; some things just work. Dark text against a light background is by far easier to read than light text against a dark, busy background. Be careful not to over-design your company brochure at the expense of necessary simplicity.

Obviously there is no “magic bullet” or exact formula for creating a winning company brochure design. But with acute attention to these critical details, combined with the use of a professional, experienced and expert brochure design firm, your brochure will check all the right boxes, make all the right statements and present your business to potential customers in an intentional, and remarkable, winning fashion.

Brochure Design with Your Business in Mind

At PearTree Design, we have created and printed dozens upon dozens of outstanding company brochures. We offer more than just creative design services; we also provide smart tips on the best size, shape and printing options for your company brochure design. When your business really needs to stand out and have an enduring presence, turn to PearTree Design to create a dynamic brochure design that represents your company with powerful and compelling presence.

Whether you’re ready to make a company brochure design decision now, or you’re just shopping around for now, why not take a simple first step by getting some information about pricing, and a time frame for your brochure project?

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